1. Are candles and knives provided in each cake or cupcake order?
No, we give out candles and knives only when requested.

2. Do you make customized shaped cakes?
Yes, we do make customized shape cakes but depends on request because some shapes are not available due to that customer need to fill about that in additional request sections in Sugarpops! order form.

3. Do you accept wedding cake orders?
Yes, we accept wedding cake orders and not just that, we also accept others type of occasions cake such as birtday cake, engangement cake, etc.

4. What is the best day to secure an order for the weekend?
The best time to order is as soon as possible (even if it's one or two months in advance).
In a new week, the best day to order for the coming weekend is the Sunday before, Monday or Tuesday.
Slots run out very fast so I can't guarantee a slot beyond Wednesday :)

5. Is there a minimum order?
Yes, you may check on Sugarpops! product pages because minimum order is varied for every types of product.

6. Is all Sugarpops! product are produce originally from here?
Yes, it is personally homemade and handmade produce by me, except baking and decorating tools which I import it from other suppliers.

7. How about the pricing?
Price are not fix for most of customization products, for decorating and baking tools we sell it with fixed price. To know on how to know the product that you wish to order, you may refer on How To Order and fill up the Order Form and I will contact you and come out with the price quotation as soon as possible.

8. If there is no flavour that I want, can I still request for the flavour that I want on the particular product?
Yes you can, wait I offer you in Sugarpops! is some of my recipe that I familiar with but no worries I'll will still accept any other flavour order.

9. How about warranty for decorating and baking tools?
I will make sure the product will be test in front of you during pickup or before delivery to make sure the product is well function and after purchase you will get 2 weeks personal warranty but not include the cause of mishandle by consumer.

10. Can you make delivery to other country besides Malaysia?
For food products, for now I do not offer international delivery but for decorating and baking tools I do provide international delivery services.

11. Can I contact you if I have some request that I need to explain to you more further besides fill in the additional request sections in order form?
Yes you can, kindly e-mail me at sabrinakam3088@gmail.com for more information and inquiries. Later then, I will personally contact you during your available time. 

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