Saturday, 2 June 2012

University of Cookie

Ladies and gentleman,

For those who always thinks that they don't have a place to learn on how to bake some delicious cookies, well, no worries because you don't have to worried anymore. You might want to see this blog! It's call University of Cookie, sounds cool isn't? It start of with a decent and pretty lady name Bridget who love eating cookies and decorating cookies for almost a decades and she shows her passion by sharing it with everyone in her blogs along with her team members and her companion blog named Bake at 350. University of Cookies and Bake at 350 have a tonnes of great information and video tutorial to share with people all over the world who wish to learn more about baking and decorating cookies and it's all made by Bridget along with her team members. Fantastic isn't? and you can learn it for free. so what are you waiting for, now you get more chance to learn on how to bake some awesome cookies for free :)

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