Sunday, 3 June 2012

Sugarpops New Arrival!

BABYCAKES Cakepops Maker up for grab at Sugarpops! Only for RM 300.00 including postal service. Hurry up while stock last! check it on Decorating and Baking Tools sections.

Avengers Cutter (HULK, IRON MAN, CAPTAIN AMERICA) available at Sugarpops! only RM 35.00 per set. Now you can make your favourite Avengers superheroes into your favourite flavour cookies. Hurry up while stock last! check it on Decorating and Baking Tools sections.

French Macaron Fact and History

Macarons. The famous french dessert made popular by Laduree and PierreHerme'. Through my research for the perfect macaron recipe, I found that there are 2 versions of macarons : the Americanized coconut macaron (or macaroon), and the French almond macaron. The coconut macaroon have flour in it, while the French macaron uses egg whites. Intriguing. Furthermore, the French macaron looks more fancy with its ‘tiny feet’ and fillings, not to mention the rainbows of colors they come in.
They look scrumptious and too cute to bite! They come in all sorts of flavors and colors, with complimentary fillings. I had some macarons from a well known bakery, and I dare say, it was good. The next day, I was totally challenged to make my own macaron, regardless of the intimidating reviews and comments about baking macarons.
First, what are macarons, despite the photos you always see? Its made from a meringue, with almonds and have cream-like fillings (or jam, or chocolate, etc). The outer shell crust is very delicate, think of very thin egg shells.. Inside, it is soft, moist, and chewy. Taste? Oral description won’t do any justice. But definitely 1 macaron won’t satisfy your buds.

Sweet. Colourful. Romantic. French. Macaron.

Hye sweeties,

I've found out many of Malaysians nowadays love to eat macarons instead of cupcakes, but not that I'm saying cupcakes is boring, Cupcakes still rocks! hehehe but this little sweets clourful french macarons really catch the eyesight of people especially ladies, its kind of sweets gift to be give out to ladies in a romantic form of message yet simple and delicious. Disappointingly, not many bakeries, coffee shops, and cookies shops in Malaysia selling macaroons, so Sugarpops! will teach how to do it so you don't have to worry anymore where to get those sweet romantic little macarons, just click on th "Recipe's" pages in Sugarpops! blog and scroll down and search for Macaron's sections. There it goes! and I've also found out this perfect website for Macaron Lover's to learn how to make Macaron and if you want to print out and order some customize boxes for your love one's, the Giver's Log is the perfect place for you to get that both done! Enjoy and have a nice lovely day :)

Banana Chocolate Cupcakes by Stephanie Jaworski of

Hello everyone!

Today I would like to share with you a video that I've found from this great website called "Joy of"
In this website you can found thousands of cupcake's recipe made by Stephanie Jaworski. Not just that, the website also offer you lots of others pastries and bakeries recipes such as cakes, scone, muffin and many more. Its easy and delicious! so lets give it a try but for now lets enjoy this video :)

Banana Chocolate Cupcakes Recipe Demonstration -


Saturday, 2 June 2012

University of Cookie

Ladies and gentleman,

For those who always thinks that they don't have a place to learn on how to bake some delicious cookies, well, no worries because you don't have to worried anymore. You might want to see this blog! It's call University of Cookie, sounds cool isn't? It start of with a decent and pretty lady name Bridget who love eating cookies and decorating cookies for almost a decades and she shows her passion by sharing it with everyone in her blogs along with her team members and her companion blog named Bake at 350. University of Cookies and Bake at 350 have a tonnes of great information and video tutorial to share with people all over the world who wish to learn more about baking and decorating cookies and it's all made by Bridget along with her team members. Fantastic isn't? and you can learn it for free. so what are you waiting for, now you get more chance to learn on how to bake some awesome cookies for free :)

Monday, 7 May 2012

Come and try!

Hello everyone! Come and try my all time favorite's cupcakes, presenting to you flavor of "Famous Amos Cookies" mixed up with delicious cream cheese and based with Famous Amos cookies crumbs. You might don't want to miss your favorite cookies :)

Saturday, 5 May 2012

me and my business partner

this is picture of me (left side) and my business partner from Mama's Cupcake, Mr. Bulan (right side) at Hong Kong hahhahah, so can see clear picture of us now :)

more cute cuppies :)

Here are some of my cupcake design upon customer order. Sorry for bad quality picture as this phot have been taken using phone camera. More upcoming sugaries pictures will be uploaded and next time will be prettier than this :)
words doen't work for her/him? why not cuppies :)

Engagement cuppies

childhood memories and all time favourite's! and it still cute :)

Mini cuppies on the cuppies

Graduation presents! cuppies fit it all

normal ordering for alphabetical fondant design on top+box+8cups of cheese cuppies :)

Mama's Cupcake: Former brand

Greetings ladies and gentleman,

I would like to inform you that my former brand product is "Mama's Cupcake" For those who already knows about it can taste the same recipes as Mama's Cupcake pastries. For your information, Sugarpops! is not imitating their product but me and my mama's cupcake share partner have decided to come out with a new brand names and more focus and serious on sugaries! So to make things clear, you guys also can contact Mr. Bulan at +6014-9442349 or, my share partner at Mama's Cupcake for enquiries and ordering because after all this time, he's the one whose handeling all the marketing and sales matter because he is too lazy too messing around baking with me hahahaha and for me, I'll be the one who bake your orders and made your days by the end :) so feel free to contact us for ordering, bye bye!

our former "Mama's Cupcake" business and now we build up a new and fresh business call "Sugarpops!" don't miss out the fun :)

Dearest Dleya Aleesya & Nabilah Birthday Party

I've decided to organize by myself for my cute little sister's birthday (Dleya Aleesya & Nabilah) and this is some shots of the sugaries that i've made for the party, I'm glad everyone loves it! not just the kids but also the parents craving to taste it. Thanks a lot for all the generous compliments :)

Birthday Cake's (Devil Chocolate Fudge)

Cupcake Tower's (Chocolate)

Sugar lover's

Hello Sugar lovers! Come and try my delicious and temptatious pastries from cupcakes, cake pops, pounded cakes and many more! sure you'll love it. For more information you can email me at :)