Sunday, 3 June 2012

Sweet. Colourful. Romantic. French. Macaron.

Hye sweeties,

I've found out many of Malaysians nowadays love to eat macarons instead of cupcakes, but not that I'm saying cupcakes is boring, Cupcakes still rocks! hehehe but this little sweets clourful french macarons really catch the eyesight of people especially ladies, its kind of sweets gift to be give out to ladies in a romantic form of message yet simple and delicious. Disappointingly, not many bakeries, coffee shops, and cookies shops in Malaysia selling macaroons, so Sugarpops! will teach how to do it so you don't have to worry anymore where to get those sweet romantic little macarons, just click on th "Recipe's" pages in Sugarpops! blog and scroll down and search for Macaron's sections. There it goes! and I've also found out this perfect website for Macaron Lover's to learn how to make Macaron and if you want to print out and order some customize boxes for your love one's, the Giver's Log is the perfect place for you to get that both done! Enjoy and have a nice lovely day :)

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