Sunday, 3 June 2012

French Macaron Fact and History

Macarons. The famous french dessert made popular by Laduree and PierreHerme'. Through my research for the perfect macaron recipe, I found that there are 2 versions of macarons : the Americanized coconut macaron (or macaroon), and the French almond macaron. The coconut macaroon have flour in it, while the French macaron uses egg whites. Intriguing. Furthermore, the French macaron looks more fancy with its ‘tiny feet’ and fillings, not to mention the rainbows of colors they come in.
They look scrumptious and too cute to bite! They come in all sorts of flavors and colors, with complimentary fillings. I had some macarons from a well known bakery, and I dare say, it was good. The next day, I was totally challenged to make my own macaron, regardless of the intimidating reviews and comments about baking macarons.
First, what are macarons, despite the photos you always see? Its made from a meringue, with almonds and have cream-like fillings (or jam, or chocolate, etc). The outer shell crust is very delicate, think of very thin egg shells.. Inside, it is soft, moist, and chewy. Taste? Oral description won’t do any justice. But definitely 1 macaron won’t satisfy your buds.

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